Monday, June 16, 2008

My Menu for the Week

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In another attempt to organize my life, an ongoing endeavor! I have decided to post my menu for the week, hopefully this will keep me accountable. It also happens to be a light week for suppers, so hopefully, I won't be overwhelmed. Since I am leaving later this week, I will make most of the suppers today, so the rest of the family will have good meals while I am gone. I also chose meals that I wouldn't be able to eat if I where here. Friday and Saturday's meals have been requested often but I haven't felt like making two suppers a night lately!

Please check out to view more menus and ideas.

Here it goes:

Monday: Hamburgers with and without the bun
Potato salad
Grilled veggies

Tuesday: Vacation Bible School sack suppers
M has a BB game

Wednesday: Gluten-free pancakes w/strawberries

Thursday: Vacation Bible School sack suppers
M has a double header

Friday: Lasagna
Corn and Salad
Garlic Toast

Saturday: Fettucine w/ chicken
Green Beans

Sunday: Dad's Choice

I am also making a big pot of spaghetti today, so Dad will have plenty of food for lunches.


Laura VMS said...

Hello and welcome to MPM! One quick reminder: make sure you link back to Org Junkie in your post! Super simple to do! Your menu looks yummy!

Bobbie said...

Welcome to MPM. I know you will enjoy this- it is a great group and you get so many ideas for supper and organization, which is also an ongoing process for me too!!