Monday, June 9, 2008

Forget the Sunday Nap, Let's Go Fishing

A very successful fishing day. At one point everyone but Papa had one on the line. What a day! Aaron told his dad what lure he wanted to use and caught this fish on his first cast. All night he has been telling us, "I may be small, but I fish BIG!" Another day for memories!! Well, back to my late night baking. I have a bake sale tomorrow! Will post more later.
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jkmiller712 said...

Say Hi to the kids for me and tell them I love them! Can't wait to see you in KC next week.

I just finished my last day of school with students. I have two more days to clean up and get ready for summer school. Yeah Me--I finished my first year of teaching!
Love you guys

Melissa said...

just figuring out how this all works!