Friday, June 13, 2008

The Bake Sale

OK, so many of you know that I am obsessed with cupcakes. I may not eat them much any more but they are still fun to make. They can look so good without much work! The top picture is full of my "Wedded Bliss" cupcakes, since they are everyone's favorite. The center one, with the strawberry on it, was my experiment. (You know me, I love to experiment) It has fresh strawberries cut up and added to the batter. They were a big hit. The second picture is of the "Wedded Bliss" cupcakes with a cherry on top. The third picture is of my homemade german chocolate cupcakes, I made them for Dave's cousin and he bought quite a few. The third picture is of the Common Ground Band. They played during the bake sale and then went back to work. The BRAN ride came through Ainsworth on Monday, so there was a lot going on. And we had just one of the many events that took place. BRAN stands for Bike Ride Across Nebraska, there were roughly 600 bikers! They camped out in the city park and then headed out on there next leg of the journey about 80 miles!!
We had quite a lot of goodies to choose from. Thank you to those of you that helped. The band played great, as usual!
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