Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Girl's Get-A-Way Cruise Contest

***This post is an entry in the Girl's Get-A-Way Cruise Contest hosted by Christian Women Online***

I know this contest is a chance for me to share with you why I would like to spend some girl time with a friend and although I have plenty of friends I have not seen since we moved 2 1/2 years ago, I will not be asking for a chance to win for me, but for my mom and my baby sister.

This past summer, both my mom and sister had to endure the one year anniversary of their divorces. Since their divorces things have not been easy for any of our family members, but it has been especially hard on Mom and 'J'. They have become the other's entire support system, they only live a few minutes from each other. . . the rest of us are hundreds of miles away.

For about a year 'J' looked for a job, a couple times we thought she had one, but something always happened. This summer she landed a job at a national coffee shop and a couple of weeks later she came down with a highly contagious illness that most people are immune to after the age of three! She then found a job that is a great fit for her. During her months at her new job she has been in and out of the hospital and finally ended up in the ER. While she was in the ER, they admitted her to the hospital and prepared her for major surgery. This past August the doctors removed over 50% of her stomach to rid her of multiple ulcers that were not healing. She was in the hospital for over a week and then not allowed to return to work for two more weeks. Because her immune system is so low due to the surgery and not being able to get enough nutrients in her system, every time she tries to go back to work she ends up at home with a virus that is going around. Just last week she told me her doctor will not allow her to go back to work until the following Monday, she has a virus that has her internally vomiting. Needless to say we not only worry about her, but her job as well. So far they have been very good to her and seem to understand that all of this is out of her control.

Mom is there for her all of the time and able to be a big help. She is able to care for J's four year old son when his dad isn't able to. She has tried to help supply groceries and such, but she is on a very limited income and things have been very tight. Her mom (my grandma) has been in and out of the hospital multiple times on the verge of death. Thankfully, she always pulls through. Mom just seems to be hit on every side lately.

Despite the emotional, physical, and financial stress both have been under they seem to be growing closer to our Lord and learning to rely on Him fully. I just think that it is time for them to have a break and I think this cruise is exactly what they need. I hope that you agree with me and reward them with a wonderful chance to renew their spirits. Thank you in advance.

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