Monday, February 23, 2009

My Crazy Fisher(men)

Saturday was Dave's birthday. The kids really wanted to go ice fishing, but it has been warm enough out lately that the ice has been melting, so that was out. Dave told the kids earlier in the week if it was warm enough, they would go trout fishing. Saturday, we woke up to cold winds and cold temps. But the kids, begged and begged to go out. Dave finally gave in and everyone bundled up in their wool socks or two pairs of socks, boots, sweatpants, snowpants, turtlenecks, fleece pullovers and winter coats, hats, and hoods and off they went with their rods and reels in hand. They lasted an hour! They seemed to have fun and can't wait for spring to come to go out after those bass that have been swimming in their dreams. Each one of them loves fishing and I am glad. Occasionally, I will join them, but honestly, I am glad they have something they can do with their dad. I love to hear the stories when they come back and wish I had been there. This spring, I will make it more often. I have been known to catch a fish or two.

*** I was feeling guilty for having all sorts of pictures of the puppies lately and none of the kids. I told them to take the camera and I am glad that they remembered to use it. I am not feeling so guilty anymore!!
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