Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Miss Grace

My dear daughter says the strangest things sometimes! She stayed home sick today, she lounged all morning and seemed to be feeling better after lunch. So her loving mom put her to work sweeping. While sweeping, she tried to convince me that she should have some kittens and a horse. She promised to take care of them. To which I responded with the normal, you have other animals that need to be taken care right now. I continued to tell her that if she would show some responsibility with caring for the other animals, MAYBE she could have a horse some day. (You see, she is responsible for feeding and watering the chickens, this is a source of daily drama.) This was her response to me, " Well, Mom, chickens just aren't my style."

What?!!? What a character! I love this crazy girl, who will lay in wet sand with a goat on her belly and yet tell me that chickens just aren't her thing!! Life in the Sandhills is never dull, that's for sure!

**A note**
Gracie just read what I posted and informed me it is because chickens aren't fancy. She is all girl and more!
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Elizabeth B said...

She's right! Chickens aren't fancy enough for a diva! Diva's DEFINITELY need a horse!

One-T said...

Ya know Kris...she is right. I had a horse growing up. I have had a few. but shoot, i want some chickens too...great post. i had a good laugh. She is kinda like Jana huh?

Kris said...

I would love to get her a horse . . . someday!

She definitely takes after Jana, I always tell Jana that Grace is more her than me!!

Liz, I don't know how you pegged it, but Miss Grace is definitely a diva.