Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Couple of Stalkers

Last night I left the house to train for my 5K. I also needed some quiet time, but that was not to be had. Two stalkers joined me from a distance and then eventually caught up with me . . .Nelly, the goat and PF (Playful), the cat. We must have been quite the sight, I was thankful that our road is not often traveled. Picture if you will, me, concentrating on keeping my abs tight and head held high, trying to spend some time in prayer while walking at a brisk pace. Nelly sneaking up on me and crowding me with her horns and very pushy personality and PF following at a safe distance stopping occasionally to see if he could find something to pounce on.

They were with me the entire two miles! I was 3/4's of the way home when I saw a vehicle pull to the stop sign several yards in front of me. It sat there longer than necessary, I am assuming laughing at the sight they saw just around the bend. They turned and came towards me with their windows down. PF saw them headed our way and stood in the middle of the road growling and hissing! I have never seen him act that way, especially when he could not have won the battle with an SUV!

I had a short conversation with the two couples with their parting comment being, "Anyone who has a goat, deserves a goat." Not knowing exactly what that meant, I responded, "Would you like one?"

Oh, well, I tried. Is there anyone else who would like a goat? I sure don't need her help with looking silly!!!

Hope this brings a little humor to your day. Have a great one!

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