Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Cake

Well, this cake was quite the ordeal. Once again, I was experimenting. I made the bugs from melted chocolate and candy wafers, tracing drawings I had made on paper earlier Friday evening. I really pushed my artistic talent to the limit. The kids were very supportive. Gracie and Aaron kept saying, 'You are so talented, Mom.' 'You should do this everyday and sell them, you would do really good.' It did this mom's heart good to hear my kiddos praising me. They also seem to know my dreams for 'someday.'

I also need to tell you that while the cakes were cooling on the table, Tank came inside and took a bite of one layer. I cut off the half he bit out of and split the good part in half to create another layer. You can see the middle layer of the cake bulging. Oh, well it still tasted great.
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