Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Kid's Say the Strangest Things

I don't know what is in the air lately, but my kiddos are saying more than their share of strange things.

Yesterday, we had Brownies and we were discussing talents. The girls were to go around the circle and share a talent or quality they have. Well, I heard some fun ones such as 'baking', 'horses', and 'annoying my brother.' We get to Grace and she shares that her talent is unclogging drains!

Of all the things she loves to do . . . dance, sing, share, laugh, help . . . she chooses unclogging drains! She is truly one of a kind. Our resident sink-stopper-upper, Aaron, had clogged the sink once again and after numerous attempts at relieving our sink of its intruders, Dave could not do it. Gracie comes to the rescue. One day out of the blue she comes downstairs to inform us that she had done it, she had freed the sink. We were both impressed, doubly so, because she was able to do it without hurting herself in some form as she tends to do with even a simple task. This all happened weeks ago, but she must still be very proud of the fact that she came to our rescue.

Earlier in the meeting, the girls were filling out their books and answering questions about themselves. Of course all hands are raised at some point needing answers to their questions, usually regarding spelling and Miss Grace raises her hand, "Mom, how do you spell cuss?" "Why do you want to spell, cuss?" "Because I need to say what I don't do and I don't cuss."

And thank goodness for that!

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