Tuesday, March 31, 2009

One week ago . . . a miracle

One week ago today, I received one of those phone calls you hope to never have. "Kristen, I am calling from the ambulance, your dad has been in an accident."
Dad met with rear end of a semi-truck. He had passed out and if the driver of the semi had not moved to the shoulder, Dad would have hit him head on. The highway patrolman told Dad he was lucky to be alive. Dave and I drove the 2 1/2 hours to the hospital to be with Dad. I was amazed at how well he looked. He had some minor cuts and some bruising and nothing more. They kept him for a couple of days to find out what caused him to pass out.
Through their testing, they discovered what is going on and it was not what we thought it would be. You see, Dad underwent some testing in November and they informed him that he had a couple of inoperable brain tumors and he didn't have much time. He went away to get some help, and the doctors there confirmed what he was told in November. In January, he had what the doctors thought was a stroke, but he did not stay in the hospital long enough to finish the testing and then he could not get in again.
Our God works in mysterious ways, if it was not for this accident Dad would have probably gone on for some time thinking he was dying from brain cancer or a heart problem. Now, we have learned because of all the recent testing that Dad does not have brain tumors and his heart is very healthy. What he does have is low blood pressure and not enough sodium in his system.

Do you believe in God? Because I believe only He can bring a person away from something like this without any thing more than minor cuts.
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