Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Big Day

We were at Dave's parents' home watching the Huskers play when my sister called to say, "I think Maggie is getting ready to have the puppies. She has created a nest in the corner of the couch with stuffed animals and she won't get up. She is panting a lot and whining." Needless to say, we collected our family members and got home as quickly as we could. We arrived home just in time to put her in the whelping box and witness the birth of all five puppies. The first one arrived just as the Huskers won the game, as I mentioned before. It was a crazy day in the Campbell household. I apologize for not having any more pictures. I will post more pictures when I can. They sure are cute and Maggie is a great Mama! Oh, and Maggie had to go all over the house to collect her stuffed animals. What a crazy girl!!!
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