Monday, December 22, 2008

Baby, It's Cold Outside & 1,000th Visitor Give-Away

Merry Christmas and Happy Winter Wishes! I hope everyone is staying warm this bitter winter season. I am, as long as I stay inside. I do hope we get a little bit more snow and some warmer weather for sledding while the cousins are here. Building snowmen is always a good way to expend some extra energy as well. What are your favorite outdoor activities during winter? I think Tank's favorite activity is 'fetching' the kids!

I also wanted to celebrate my 1,000th visitor to my blog so I have a surprise for someone. I promise it will be a good one, something to help keep you warm during these winter months. All YOU need to do is post a comment to this post and I will enter your name into the drawing for this warm surprise. I will draw the name on Dec. 27 and post it on Dec.28. So, please leave me a comment. It can be about anything . . . Christmas wishes . . . your favorite winter activity . . . just a note to say, "Hi."

***Oh, and you need to leave me some way of contacting you, like your email address or if you have a blog that will work too. Good luck!

***If you have not left a comment before, please click on the word 'comment' below this post and you will be directed to a page that will allow you to do just that. Thanks again for visiting us!


Sharon said...

Merry Christmas, Kristen. I hope you have a great Chirstmas.


Melissa said...

Merry Christmas! Looking forward to seeing you guys!

Kim G. said...

Love you cousin - Merry Christmas. Great job on the blog, it's great to stay connected this way. Your kids are growing so fast!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kris...keep us posted on the puppies impending arrival and most of all, have a Blessed, Merry Christmas!

Lori C.

Erika said...

Hi! Did you survive all the baking and manage to get the things you wanted to get done actually done!?!? :) I am working hard to get us to spend the night tonight...Santa really needs to see our new house!

Take care, Erika

Sarah said...

Merry Christmas!! I loved your pictures of the gingerbread houses a few days ago! God Bless!!

Elizabeth B said...

Hi Kristen! Great idea! favorite winter activity? It would probably be wishing for summer!
Love your blog!