Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Kiddos

I realized I put pictures of the animals on before I shared pictures of the kids. Shame on me. Let's just say I saved the best for last! The picture of the kids outside is the one I planned to send with the Christmas letter. Some of you received it, most didn't because time got away from me and I did not have everyone's addresses at my fingertips. But I got closer than I ever have to finishing it!! Dave is still shaking his head at me!

The picture in front of the Christmas tree includes Carter, Jana's 3 year old son.

The Easter picture is with Jean and Dave's 3 children: Bethany, Will, and Joey.

Matthew is now 9, Gracie 7, and Aaron will be 5 in July. Cute kids, huh?!?

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Joy Mehlhoff said...

Hey, Kris!
I love your blog! Seeing the kids is wonderful! I would love to chat more in an email with you!!
Miss you!
Joy Mehlhoff