Monday, September 20, 2010

A little competition

I don't know if you have heard of Foodbuzz or not, but I am a featured publisher with their site.  Actually, it is not this blog, but my baking/cooking blog, Gracie B's Bakehouse.  If you haven't visited Foodbuzz before, you should take some time and check it out!  Right now they are having a little competition, Project Food Blog, they are looking for the next food blog star and as a featured publisher I was eligible to enter, which I did.  I needed a little challenge because I have not been consistent lately in keeping up my blogs.  I am actually not expecting too much, because I have a little blog with a few followers but I would love to make it to the next round of competition.  So, if you wouldn't mind, hop on over to Gracie B's and click on the box that says "Project Food Blog" Official Contestant and vote for my entry.  Thanks so much and wouldn't be fun if I was one of the 400 contestants that moved on to the next round?  Thank you again and feel free to share this with your friends.  Oh, and if you are curious. . . my most popular post on Gracie B's is the one on my grandma's caramel rolls.  YUM!

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