Saturday, September 5, 2009

After: The kitchen

Here it is, the most radically changed room in the house. You will need to see this post if you need a reminder of what the kitchen looked like before. Obviously, we are not finished yet. We need to finish trimming out the cabinets and painting.
We will be installing a copper hood above the stove top and we need to trim out around the microwave. I dream of another oven someday! I need to share with you that we were blessed with this stovetop/cabinet and wall oven/cabinet, copper hood and a refridgerator. A friend of my dad's decided to redo her kitchen and gave us all of this. And the butcher block that we are using for the island. The butcher block needs some trimming but I love. God has been so good to us. Below is the antique tile that we found. We hope to use it around the stove top and, if there is enough, above the countertop by the sink. It was made in Italy.

The walls are chocolate brown and the counter top is formica that looks like granite. I will update again when we have finished everything. Thanks for checking in. We painted the cabinets, moved cabinets, knocked out a pole, and put in new flooring. We also added the 'new' cabinets including the oven and stove top, and sink. We love our home. And obviously we still have things to do, but I will show you the finished project soon. I hope!
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