Saturday, August 29, 2009

The 1st day of school

This was the first day of school. We walked. Matt was on a mission, excerting his independence, I think. Aaron was his crazy self. And Miss Grace was Miss Grace. They have done well these first two weeks. Homework has been hard for Gracie and mornings have been hard for Aaron. Matt is loving Middle School. He is even reading on his own!!!!
**I just read this post again. I made it sound like Matt needed help with reading. What I meant to say was that I don't have to ask him to read, he is choosing to read on his own. I think he has finally discovered the adventures that books can be. Yeah!!
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Sandy said...

Love the pictures. My 3 started yesterday - my oldest a senior! :) Happy school year!

Jennifer said...

Looks like a great first day of school! Thanks for stopping by my blog... my fellow rural Nebraskan!! ;)