Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Matt went to work yesterday with Papa at 5:30am. I picked him up a little before noon. He went to work with Papa again today. He enjoys working with Grandpa. I think he also enjoys the idea of getting paid a little bit. He has decided to save up money to put minutes on a prepaid phone, a very cheap phone that I had picked up for Dave. Well, it is not being used anymore and Matt thinks he should have it. We are trying to talk him out of it, we are hoping he will save his money for the aquarium that he was wanting a month or two ago. Or the Wii he has talked about. Anything but minutes on a phone that does not work so well.

This morning Matt woke Grace up so she could go to work too. They were up before 6am. Well, Grace didn't get to go to work with Matt, but I had shared with her, yesterday, that I would pay her for extra chores around the house. When I came down the stairs this morning she had finished up the dishes I had started and was ready to help me fold clothes.

I have noticed in the last week or so my kiddos are trying to be more responsible. I don't know if it has anything to do with the fact that school is starting very soon and they desire the structure that comes with school or if it is just the knowledge that extra chores means a little bit of cash. All I know, is that I like the new and improved attitudes of two of my children. The youngest one just runs around shooting us with his new nerf gun!

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The Barrow's said...

It's the cash Kris :)